Regina Griffin is the author of “Ish – Getting the ‘Ish out in the Open,” and its spicy follow-up, “ISHues – A
Second Helping of Del’ishcious Ish.” Originally inspired by a stenciled phrase on a wall, Regina used her in
your face personality and life’s follies to craft this engaging series. The explosive culmination is two books of
page-turning, gut-busting, make-you-wanna-say…uuuuum expressions.
Regina Griffin is a native of Atlanta, Georgia who holds a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism. Her
former writing credentials include editor’s choice blogger, contributing writer for The Atlanta Journal &
Constitution’s Intown newspaper and speech writer for a former Commissioner of Public Safety.
This entrepreneur has recently added the titles of author and publisher to her long list of professional credentials.
A working author, Regina enjoys connecting with readers. She spends the majority of her time traveling the
country, dishin’ the ‘Ish at book signings, speaking engagements and media venues.


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