Ish #290: Wish. Believe. Pray. Wait. Receive!

new year blog image

Last week I had a conversation with a brilliant, talented, and emerging author. Her short journey as a writer had already been plagued and deflated by those finding it difficult to show happiness for her achievements. It was agonizing to hear her tales of how mean-spirited people had put so much energy into minimizing her dreams and triumphs.

Drowning the dreams of others by holding them under the murky waters of insecurity means the oppressor is also being held under. In essence, people sometimes take themselves out in their attempts to stifle others. People who comfortably wear the cloak of jealousy, meanness, and insecurity are burdened by goodness. They fail to realize there is no value in deflating the hopes of others. It doesn’t broaden their horizons, and it certainly doesn’t make their star shine brighter. Real power, however, is found in setting personal goals and aligning with people who have the influence and resources to bolster success. Choosing faith and fulfillment over doubt and distress breeds a clearer path to success.

When you feel compressed and defeated by the lack of support from those closest to you, keep pressing toward the mark of your highest calling. Your instincts are purposed by the Creator. Your existence on earth is destined. Your life’s journey is anointed, and your faith must be relentless. Write out your hopes, dreams, and goals for the year, then check them off like grocery items. Forget a New Year’s resolution, start a Journal of Fulfillment. Use it to track your goals and talk yourself off life’s many ledges of disappointment. On your darkest days, instead of waddling in self-pity, pull out your journal and bring something to fruition. Develop a myopic vision for achieving your ambitions. People who love you will understand, respect, and encourage your intense focus. True supporters wouldn’t dream of detracting you. Stop making time for those who discourage you and genuinely embrace those who actively support and encourage you.

Maintaining perspective of where you are versus where you’re headed helps in achieving breakthroughs of epic proportions. Proclaim that this year will be your time to burst through, your moment to stand in the center of the universe, and your space to be heard. If you’ve given your power away in previous years, take it back this year. Submit to excuses being eradicated, struggles being overcome, careers launched, goals fulfilled, relationships manifested, addictions ceased, afflictions conquered, diseases cured, and dreams realized.

Make it the most remarkable year of your life! Forget about earning the acceptance of others; strive to impress yourself. And in those moments when the negativity of others or your own self doubt starts to creep in, remember ‘Ish 290 …







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