Ish #299: Speak the language of abundance – Can, Will, and When

possible    If most of us had a slice of cake for every time we heard someone speaking of their goals, we’d all have millions of dollars in Betty Crocker stock. When speaking of your goals, what are you really referring to, something you hope to do or something you are actively planning?Most would probably confess the former over the latter, and this is where the root of the problem rests.

A goal should never be defined as something you want to do. A goal is a strategic objective backed by an active plan. When you have a goal in mind, it must be attached to an action in order to qualify for a goal. Goals are working processes that are quantifiable, timely, and measurable. They don’t linger. They don’t happen haphazardly, and you don’t stumble into them. Taking the strategic approach is what quickly takes you from “I wanna do it” to “doing it.”

Strategically speaking, real goals are often born a piece of scratch paper, doing so adds visual organization and creates tangibility. This step is followed by the creation of a step-by-step plan of attack and deadlines (30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 365 days, etc.). Each step must have a timeline and measurable scale of effectiveness. If there’s no timeline for execution, deadline for completion, or measurement for evaluation success , it’s no a goal. It’s simply something you’re thinking about doing.

Finally, the most important element in actualizing your goal is protecting and feeding it with optimism. Your actions and words play a monumental role in how your life progresses. Get implicitly clear with the fact that all thoughts, words, and actions expend the same amount of energy – whether benevolent or malign. So use your energy for optimal good and approach tasks from a place of hopefulness, anticipation, and promise. When and if you become weak in the practice of seeing the glass half-full, reflect on the cynical people in your life. View their lives as a case study of how pessimistic thoughts, negative energy, and delayed actions are like a necklace of bricks. It all weighs you down, makes your chest heavy, and chocks the life out of you. Conversely, observe those who choose the path of optimism and speak abundance. No path is perfectly paved without rocks, but the road of optimism is paved with fewer emotional potholes.

Remember, every great invention, product, or modern convenience started as a thought. All, at one point, were just brain farts of their innovators. They didn’t get on your pantry or department store shelves because their visionaries simply talked them. Somewhere along the way an action plan was laid out, and a strategy was put in place to evolve them into realizations. If it sounds lofty or unachievable, look at it as a matter of mental reinforcement. Practice rebuking the language of lack – can’t, won’t, and if” and profess ‘Ish #299 …

Speak the language of abundance – can … will … and when.


"Ish" VOL I


9 thoughts on “Ish #299: Speak the language of abundance – Can, Will, and When

  1. Susan Cooper/

    No truer words. I hear it all the time “I have a goal…. “. When I explore the subject with the individual, you hear the word “if” in sentence ALLOT. Many people mistake a dream or idea as a goal. It’s not, until you a plan, take action and work towards a result with purpose. 🙂

  2. That’s some solid advice, Regina. Nothing happens without the resolve to make it happen, and a little bit of positive thinking is good for any of us.

    Good luck to you as you continue to share your kind words.

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