Ish #278 “When you go through life in denial, you can NEVER fully be the person God intended.”

Imagine where Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II would be today if she talked herself into believing she was anything other than monarchy royalty. What if she managed to delude herself into believing she was not born into British nobility nor the daughter of George VI and Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. What would her life look like had she denied the rights of her birth, pretending to be someone she was not? The world probably wouldn’t be witnessing her magnificent Diamond Jubilee celebration.

Even as commoners we face the same dilemmas, some more defying than others. Still, if allowed, denial can choke the life out of life. How many great people have you seen suffer the self-inflicted tragedy brought on by denial? Unfortunately, we have seen countless public figures stumble in their renunciation – presidents, priests and world leaders succumbing to sexual deviancy; remarkable athletes and entertainers devouring the bait of drugs.  And most of us would be millionaires if we had a dollar for every embattled parent forfeiting his or her children to alcohol or substance abuse. Each derailment started with a dastardly spirit of denial.

When you deny or lie about where you are in life, it blocks the gateway for the universe to bring forward your destiny. If you live a lie that you have a college education, then your neighbor would never think to share information about the full scholarship he heard about. If you deny the truth about your finances and run from credit obligations, your creditors can’t reach you to tell you about the restoration program they offer. If you deny your addictions, your loved ones can’t support you through rehabilitation and spiritual freedom.  Conversely, when you open the window of your life force and reveal your infractions, frailties, and deficiencies, the earth will swell at the chance to push you toward your destiny.

Then there is God, the Almighty who sees, knows and hears all. Though, He never forces us to be anything (not even what He intended). Our will is always our own, and we are free to be, or not. So even though God had preordained and purposed Queen Elizabeth’s II life, she could have very well denied its course, opting for a reclusive life or disavowing her royal roots, but it would not have been God’s purpose. We must choose in order to be chosen.

What shield of denial are you wearing that’s blocking God ‘s intentions for you? Inspect your life and challenge the people, addictions, interferences or habits deterring your purpose. Once you identify the viruses in your life, mark them for deletion. Start creating opportunities, relationships and support systems that champion and speak to your destiny. Above all, develop a creed that forces you to challenge those things working in opposition to God’s plan. Live life courageously; knowing that living in denial, you can never fully be the person God intended.

Write your history in truth, not denial.



Inspired by the Best-Selling Series “Ish” and “Ishues” by Regina Griffin

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9 thoughts on “Ish #278 “When you go through life in denial, you can NEVER fully be the person God intended.”

  1. She would be living in a sham if she pretended to be something that she was not. We all should practice honesty every day. Be who you are and don’t lie about anything. Unless it’s a little white lie like, I didn’t eat all the ice cream! My demon ate it.

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