Ish #272: Change is temporary. Transformation is permanent. Just ask a butterfly.

butterfly.jpgEver heard of a butterfly reverting to its old life as a caterpillar because it just couldn’t kick a bad habit? Of course not! When a butterfly morphs from its state as a caterpillar  the change is permanent. In fact, it is not a change that occurs, but a transformation. Despite what you’ve heard, transformation and change are by no means synonymous. Change is the act of modifying or altering, but a transformation is a complete conversion.

In life, our quest is to be transformed through our mistakes and life experiences. Our ultimate hope is to take the good and bad from our lives and allow it to serve as a roadmap for wiser living. Unfortunately, it’s a lot easier said than done. The heart is often willing and open to transformation, while the mind is bewildering comfortable with simple change. It is always the brain that reminds us of how difficult transformation is to accomplish – as those habitual tendencies kick in when we’re attempting to stop smoking, drinking or any stagnating habit. Still, we seek the ultimate prize of transformation.

“So how do I create transformation in my life,” you ask? You do it by simply – being. From this moment forward, start being that person you want and persevere for the life condition you desire. When you fall off the wagon, get up and get back on it. Regardless of the amount, size and depth of your battle scars – fight for your transformation.

Let’s consider the butterfly again. Be encouraged knowing that in its final stage, the caterpillar sheds its skin and the cocoon prepares for breakthrough. However, while some butterfly species complete their transformation in only a few weeks, some require as much as two years. In the end, no matter the suffering or length of time, the transformation always comes and the reward is permanent.

Your future awaits…fly toward it!


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